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Highly oriented and inserted in the automotive sector, Springfix is the Group’s company specialised in plastic injection stamping and metal-plastic overmoulding, as well as a manufacturer of cut metallic components and assembled parts. Engel, Arburg and Demag injection presses for plastic stamping up to 1200 tons, which flank the Bihler multislide machines and Bruderer presses for the production of metallic parts, are used to stamp up to 3 different plastic compounds simultaneously and to create highly difficult and precision overmoulded metal-plastic components.

A staff of project managers works systematically at the main German car manufacturers to guide them, starting from the project set-up, towards the most competitive solutions that will later be extended to the entire supply chain. A cutting edge warehouse and customer focussed logistics system result in just-in-time supplies able to meet the strict requirements of the automotive market in terms of service level.

Brühlstr. 38, D-73084 Salach
Postfach 1255 D-73081 Salach
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SpringfixGMBH - Sede
SpringfixGMBH Sede