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Springfix-Hungary Kft

This is the M. S.Ambrogio Group’s production and logistics platform for emerging markets in Eastern Europe. Founded as a plant for injection stamping of plastics, metal-plastic overmoulding and manual assembly, Springfix Hungary has grown rapidly, adding metallic strip stamping to manufacture precision components to these processes, using Bihler work stations and hydraulic presses up to 160 tons.
Geared towards the automotive and electrotechnical sectors, for which it is EN ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified, Springfix Hungary is the M. S.Ambrogio Group’s strategic answer to its customers’ needs to increase the competitiveness of their supply chain with the guarantee of a technological level par excellence.

Látohegyi út 4
Esztergom 2500 Hungary
Tel. +36 33 520 885
Fax +36 33 502 395


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Springfix Hungary